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Michael Lockwood's

Buddhism's Relation to Christianity

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Buddhism's Relation to Christianity 

This review, commentary and study guide of Dr. Michael Lockwood's book Buddhism's Relation to Christianity is a 23-page ebook/PDF highlighting the primary source evidence that reveals parallels between the two world religions.

Why have scholars over the past several centuries recognized important similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, including between their alleged founders' lives?

What are these parallels, and where do they come from?
What are some of the primary sources?

"…Scholars, for over two hundred years, have been pointing out the influence of Buddhism on the origins of Christianity, but Christian theologians have, in the main, been indifferent to a serious study of this relationship. Such a study would require that they acquire a deep historical knowledge of Buddhism and a mastery of the languages of Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese among others.

"…Jesus and his disciples are allegorical, non-historical characters mixed together with historical characters (such as Pilate and some Temple priests)… Even the story of the 'Outcaste Woman at the Well' is a fictitious meta-narrative, though involving the, perhaps, historical persons of the Buddha and his 'beloved' disciple Ananda—if indeed they are historical!...

"…Jesus was an allegorical figure modeled on the founder of Buddhism and his fifth century BCE style of preaching: that of the homeless wandering monk….

"If the four canonical Gospels are studied from this perspective, evidence may emerge that the evangelists were, indeed, Indian—or persons trained in India or by Indians."

Dr. Michael Lockwood, Buddhism's Relation to Christianity (64-65, 196, 255)

"Eventually, scholars will have to concede—in my opinion—that the 'Jesus' of the gospels is a purely fictitious figure, like Hercules."

Dr. Christian Lindtner, "Comparative Gospels Studies in Review"

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Note that this study guide has been peer-reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Lockwood, a philosophy professor in India for 32 years, and by Dr. Christian Lindtner, a scholar of Buddhism and Sanskrit whose works are cited in numerous scholarly books and journals.

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Table of Contents

Buddha walking on water, Borobudur, c. 800-900 ADIntroduction
Buddhist Parallels in Sculpture
  What is "pre-Christian?"
 Tales of the Buddha
  Miraculous Birth
  Master and Disciples
  The Visit of the Sage
  Temptation by the Evil One
  Walking on Water
Buddhist Parallels in Inscriptions
  Medical Missionaries
Buddha Becomes a Christian Saint
  The Saints are Gods of Other Cultures
Parable Parallels
St. Josaphat, aka BuddhaThe Lotus Sutra
  The 500 Brothers
  Parallel Sayings
Firsts Established by Buddhism
  Buddhist Sexism
  Were the Therapeuts of Egypt Buddhists?
  Angels and Saints
  The Two Thieves
  Pythagoras and Apollonius of Tyana
  Indians in the Mediterranean
  From Alexandria to Sri Lanka
  Relics and Confession
  The Calling of Councils
  Printing of Scriptures
The Historicity of Jesus
  Jesus Mythicism
  Buddhist and NT Scholars


Buddhism's Relation to Christianity is divided into nine sections, providing comparisons between Buddhist and Christian doctrines, traditions and rituals. The book highlights ancient artifacts and texts—primary sources—that provide evidence of parallels between the two religions, including not only the doctrines but also the sayings, deeds and other "biographical" details concerning the religions' purported founders. Taken together, the evidence provided by Lockwood is very suggestive, if not conclusive, that one of these religions influenced the other, directly or indirectly. As Lockwood (4) remarks, "There are many parallels between Buddhist doctrine and Christian doctrine."

The nine sections of the book comprise discussions of the following:

1. Examples of scholarship on Buddhist and Christian parallels;
2. Buddhist sculpture paralleling Christian gospel episodes;
3. Buddhist inscriptions with parallels to Christian doctrines;
4. Buddha's remake as a Christian saint, Josaphat;
5. Buddhist parables with parallels to Christian parables;
6. Parallels between the purported sayings of Buddha and Christ;
7. Priority of Buddhist innovations over similar Christian doctrines;
8. The historicity of Jesus; and
9. Theories vis-à-vis Buddhist, Judaic and Egyptian origins of Christian doctrines and traditions.

The first section of Lockwood's book lists several works from 1828 to 2009 that explore the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, including studies by Arthur Schopenhauer, Max Müller, Richard Garbe, Zacharias Thundy, Elmar Gruber and Holger Kersten, Christian Lindtner and yours truly. There are many more such works, in English and other languages such as German, a fact not lost on Lockwood, who incorporates important European scholarship at several points...

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