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Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection 


"At last, the book that proves many of the most important characteristics of the gospel story of Jesus and the Christian religion could be found in ancient Egypt for centuries prior to Christ's alleged advent!"

 A professional archaeologist endorses Christ in Egypt:

"Your scholarship is relentless!"

"The research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration."

kenneth l. feder archaeologist archeologist"My name is Ken Feder. I am an archaeologist, and I play one on TV, as a talking head in various documentaries on the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, ScFi, BBC Horizon, and, as it turns out, even the Weather Channel. I have written several books on archaeology, including Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience In Archaeology (about to go into its 7th edition). Frauds is revered by some and hated by others, which is an indication I must have done something right in that work.

"Having conducted research and written extensively over the course of the last thirty years, I think I have developed a good eye for recognizing valuable research that is worthy of serious consideration when I see it. And the research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration.

"Read her book. Criticize it if you believe it deserves criticism. But to dismiss it or get apoplectic about her thesis simply because it shocks you is plainly foolish."

"Everyone who reads Murdock’s Christ in Egypt should understand that the sources she cites are anything but marginal or questionable. In fact, her sources are, at least as far as I can tell, entirely within the Egyptology mainstream and many are, in fact, revered, and deservedly so, within the community of Egyptologists. The fact that these sources are mainstream, highly respected, or even seminal does not, of course, make them right about the origins of the Christ story. However, it does make them, and Murdock's thesis in which she incorporates their work, impossible to dismiss out of hand. Read her book. Criticize it if you believe it deserves criticism. But to dismiss it or get apoplectic about her thesis simply because it shocks you is plainly foolish."

Kenneth Feder, PhD

Professor of Archaeology, Central Connecticut State University
Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience In Archaeology


Destined to be a classic enjoyed by both the professional scholar and the layperson, this comparative religion book contains a startling perspective of the extraordinary history of the Egyptian religion and its profound influence upon the later Christian faith. Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock, also known as "Acharya S," uses a massive amount of primary sources and the works of highly credentialed authorities in relevant fields to demonstrate that the popular gods Horus and Jesus possessed many characteristics and attributes in common.

Drawing from thousands of ancient Egyptian texts in an assortment of translations along with the original language, as well as modern research in a number of other languages, controversial independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology D.M. Murdock puts together an astonishing amount of fascinating information that shows many of our most cherished religious beliefs and concepts did not appear suddenly out of the blue but have long histories in numerous cultures found around the globe, including and especially in the glorious Land of the Pharaohs.


"At almost 600 pages, this is a big book, folks, jam-packed full of important information that you can't find elsewhere in one volume!" 

 Listen to the Christ in Egypt radio show!

"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock..."

Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament"...We are in agreement on the thoroughly syncretic character of primitive Christianity, evolving from earlier mythemes and rituals, especially those of Egypt. It is almost as important in Christ in Egypt to argue for an astro-religious origin for the mythemes, and there, too, I agree with the learned author....

"...I find it undeniable that...many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets, and constellations..."

"...for Egyptian influence to have become integral to Israelite religion even from pre-biblical times is only natural given the fact that from 3000 BCE Egypt ruled Canaan. We are not talking about some far-fetched borrowing from an alien cultural sphere....

"Osiris is doubly resurrected as his son Horus, too, and he, too, is eventually raised from the dead by Isis.

"[Horus] is pictured as spanning the dome of heaven, his arms stretched out in a cruciform pattern."

"As such, he seems to represent the common Platonic astronomical symbol of the sun's path crossing the earth's ecliptic.... Acharya S ventures that 'the creators of the Christ myth did not simply take an already formed story, scratch out the name Osiris or Horus, and replace it with Jesus' (p. 25). But I am pretty much ready to go the whole way and suggest that Jesus is simply Osiris going under a new name, Jesus, 'Savior,' hitherto an epithet, but made into a name on Jewish soil....

"...Eusebius and others already pegged the Therapeutae (Essene-like Jewish monks in Egypt) as early Christians, even Philo the Jewish Middle Platonist of Alexandria) as a Christian!... It seems hard to deny that even Christians as 'late' as the New Testament writers were directly dependent upon Jewish thinkers in Egypt, just like the Gnostic Christian writers after them. And if the common Christian believer saw no difference between Jesus and Horus in Egypt...

"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock: 'we assert that Christianity constitutes Gnosticism historicized and Judaized, likewise representing a synthesis of Egyptian, Jewish and Greek religion and mythology, among others [including Buddhism, via King Asoka’s missionaries] from around the "known world"' (p. 278). 'Christianity is largely the product of Egyptian religion being Judaized and historicized' (p. 482)."

Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament

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 Christ in Egypt on Kindle

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Uses thousands of primary source texts such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid Texts, the Coffin Texts, the Hebrew and Greek Old Testaments, the Greek New Testament, Coptic texts and the writings of the early Church fathers 
Includes research in the original languages, such as Egyptian, Greek, Latin and Hebrew
Incorporates modern research in German and French--everything conveniently translated as well for your ease of reference 

Includes a brand-new map of Egypt specially created by the author with all the relevant place-names

Provides 60+ illustrations

Contains almost 2,400 citations/footnotes, frequently annotated in the "old school" manner at the bottom of each page
Includes an extensive, user-friendly table of contents and index
Provides a massive bibliography of over 900 sources, including books by respected publishers and peer-reviewed journals!

The citations include cross-references for a variety of translations of Egyptian texts, from the earliest in English to the most modern, including the translations of Raymond O. Faulkner and James P. Allen, as well as Thomas George Allen, Samuel Mercer, E.A. Wallis Budge and Samuel Birch.

"The best researched book I have had the privilege of reading!"

"I am about half-way through Christ in Egypt, and it is, indeed, without a doubt the best researched book I have had the privilege of reading."

Rodger Ervin

"I'm flabbergasted at what a great job you have done!"

"Wow wow wow. I've been reading your book as I'm curled up in beddie-by every night, and it's fantabulous.

"I love it. I'm flabbergasted at what a great job you have done!

"Thanks so much for writing this book!"

Joan d/Arc, ParanoiaMagazine.com

"What a magnificent work!"

"This is the book that should convince any rational reader that the Jesus story is the Horus story is the story of the heavens and of the seasons; the story containing motifs outlining humankind's year by year struggle to survive and progress; the story of birth, life, death, and resurrection....

"Humanity has forgotten the stories it once told itself. But Acharya's meticulous research and 'joining up of the dots' found in Christ in Egypt is helping us to remember, to remember that we are not the sinful pieces of trash that organised religion would have us believe we are...

"We need to see clearly. We need to remember clearly.

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.
-George Orwell, 1984

"We must take control of our futures by taking control our past by remembering what truly was. Acharya is helping us to remember what was and why."

Allan J., UK

"The best book on the subject!"

"Christ in Egypt is very well written with Acharya's lovely style that I've come to appreciate. It's very scholarly, yet a fascinating read. Certain topics require a very indepth analysis, which is performed wonderfully throughout the book. Every reference and source is cited meticulously - cross-referencing primary sources 4, 5 and 6 different ways with credentialed scholars in their field of expertise across several languages, including a variety of translations of the ancient texts - WOW!

"CIE takes this very contentious topic to a whole new level that has the potential to change Egyptology & comparative religion as we know it. She explains the academic gap between theologians and historians. Many universities began as religious divinity schools Harvard, Yale, Princeton - CIE page 505. We need an Astrotheology Department at our universities to fill this monumental void! I wish I'd had Acharya's work available to me as a child."

Charles Johnson, TX

"No better resource available!"

"Even though there are many books out there that discuss Christianity and Egyptian religion, Murdock's Christ in Egypt is unique. She realized how much info was out there, and no one had yet collected it all in one place before. Her enormous goal was to find every scholarly reference to the Egyptian correlations to Christianity. In doing this, she researched materials that had never been published before and materials that had never appeared in English before. At this time, there is no better resource available."

Benjamin Steele, IA

"An excellent read!"

"I just finished reading Christ in Egypt and found it to be an excellent read.

"Well done and useful."

Angel, CA

"The most enlightening and well researched read on the origins of Christianity."

"I could hardly wait to get my hands on this tremendous book: Christ in Egypt: The Horus Jesus Connection.

"This well researched book is accessible both to the general reader and to the scholar interested in the origins of the Christian belief system.

"The author has probably collected every scholarly reference to the Egyptian correlations to Christianity. In doing this, she researched materials that had never been published before and many that until now had never appeared in English.

"This book, which surely will become a classic, is the most enlightening and well researched I have ever read on the origins of Christianity."

M.G. Ketteridge, UK

"Included in Christ in Egypt are the works of popular, modern Egyptologists such as..."

Rudolf Anthes
Jan Assman
Hellmut Brunner
Claas J. Bleeker
Bob Brier
Henri Frankfort
Alan H. Gardiner

John Gwyn Griffiths
Erik Hornung
Barry Kemp
Barbara Lesko
Bojana Mojsov
Siegfried Morenz
William Murnane

Margaret A. Murray
Donald B. Redford
Herman te Velde
Claude Traunecker
Reginald E. Witt
Louis V. Zabkar
and many more!

Also provided are comments from respected astronomers and historians!

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You can also order Christ in Egypt from your favorite bookseller. The ISBN is 0979963117 and ISBN 13 is 9780979963117.

"Find out whether or not the following is true about Horus!"

  • Horus was born on "December 25th" (winter solstice) in a manger. 
  • He was of royal descent, and his mother was the "virgin Isis-Mery." 
  • Horus's birth was announced by a star in the East and attended by three "wise men." 
  • At age 12, he was a child teacher in the Temple, and at 30, he was baptized. 
  • Horus was baptized by "Anup the Baptizer," who was decapitated. 
  • The Egyptian god had 12 companions, helpers or disciples. 
  • Horus performed miracles, exorcised demons and raised Osiris from the dead. 
  • The god walked on water. 
  • Horus was "crucified" between two "thieves." 
  • He (or Osiris) was buried for three days in a tomb and resurrected. 
  • Horus/Osiris was also the "Way, the Truth, the Life," "Messiah," the "Son of Man," the "Good Shepherd," the "Lamb of God," the "Word made flesh," the "Word of Truth," etc. 
  • Horus's personal epithet was "Iusa," the "ever-becoming son" of the Father. He was called "Holy Child," as well as "the Anointed One," while Osiris was the KRST. 
  • Horus battled with the "evil one," Set/Seth. 
  • Horus was to reign for one thousand years. 

Horus leading the 12 through the Amduat 

Horus enthroned before the Twelve,
Seventh Hour of the Amduat.
(Erik Hornung, The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife, 48)

Using an astounding amount of pre-Christian primary sources, including texts, inscriptions, statuary and other artifacts, as well as the works of highly credentialed scholars in relevants fields, Christ in Egypt shows exactly where these contentions come from.

"If you have an interest in comparative religion and mythology--and you want to know the origins of some our most cherished religious and spiritual concepts--don't miss this masterpiece!"

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 "If you find yourself in debates about the Horus-Jesus connection, you need this book!"

Many claims have been made that this material has been "debunked" or "refuted." Rather than believing internet rumors, find out the facts for yourself by reading this comprehensive book. Listen to what the ancients themselves believed--and what the real experts in their relevant fields have to say!

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Table of Contents


  A Word about Primary Sources
  Egyptian Language Translations
  God, Man or Myth?
  Who Is Gerald Massey?
  Timeline of Destruction
  The Art of Mythmaking

Horus, Sun of God 
  The Loving, Immortal Father-Mother Sun
  The Deceased as Osiris
  Of Mysteries and Myths
  Who is Horus?
  The Many Horuses
  The Horus King: "Son of the Sun"
  Priest as Horus
  Polytheistic Monotheism/Monism?
  A Fluid Faith
  The Moon and Morning Star
  Horus is Osiris Reborn

Horus versus Set 
  The Astrotheology of the Passion
  Who is Set?
  Set as Satan

Born on December 25th 
  Ancient and Modern Voices
  Hieroglyphic Evidence
  Calendrical Considerations
  Monumental Alignments
  Winter Solstice Festivals 
  Festivals of Osiris
  Dual Birthdays of Horus
  Festival of Ptah
  Feast of Sokar
  Festivals of Isis
  Christian Sun Worship? 

The Virgin Isis-Mery 
  The Beloved Mother of God 
  Loved by the Gods
  Merry Deities
  Isis the Loving and Loved
  Mery, Miriam and Mary
  Perpetual Virginity 
  The Paschal Chronicle
  Son of Neith
  "Isis, the Pure Star of Lovers"
  The Virginal Mystery
  Isis, Mary and Virgo
  Other Virgin Mothers
  Mary is Mery Redux? 
  The Nativity Scene at the Temple of Luxor 
  The Amenhotep Birth Cycle
  The Birth of Pharaoh Hatshepsut
  The Christ Connection
  The God-King as Horus
  "Soft-Core P*rn?"
  The "Immaculate Conception" and "Virgin Birth?"
  The "Magi" Presenting Gifts?

The Star in the East and Three Kings 
  A Sirius Star
  Orion and the Three Kings
  Stellar Commonality

Horus at the Ages of 12 and 30 
  The Sed Festival
  The Gnostic Horos

"Anup the Baptizer" 
  Who is Anubis?
  The Boat of the Dead
  The Living Water
  The Baptism
  Horus the Baptist
  Anubis, the Jackal Lake and House/Tent of Purification
  Aquarius the Water-Bearer 

The Twelve Followers 
  The Egyptian Zodiac
  The Book of Amduat
  The Book of Gates
  The Four Brothers
  The Fishers of Men
  The Gnostic 12
  Serapis and the Twelve

Performing Miracles, Walking on Water, Healing the Sick and Raising the Dead 
  The Bread of Life
  The Lord of Wine
  Commanding the Waters
  The Raising of Osiris

"The Truth, The Light and The Good Shepherd"
  Lord of Truth and Good Shepherd
  Sin Bearer and Redeemer
  Osiris the Christ
  Horus the Anointed and Beloved Son of the Father
  Horus the Word/"Iusa," the Coming Son and Savior
  The Shu Theology
  The Lord of Light and Lamb of God

Was Horus "Crucified?"
  The Pre-Christian Cross and Crucifix
  Horus of the Cross
  Outstretched Arms as the Sign of the Cross
  Osiris and the Djed Pillar
  Set "Crucified?"
  The "Divine Man" Crucified in Space
  Astrotheology of the Cross
  The Two Thieves?
  The Mystery of the Cross

Burial for Three Days, Resurrection and Ascension
  The Resurrection Machine
  Lord of Eternity
  The Passion Play of Osiris
  Three Days in the Tomb
  The Descent into the Underworld
  "Easter"-The Resurrection of Spring
  Horus and Osiris at the Vernal Equinox
  The Ascension into Heaven
  Spiritual or Bodily Resurrection?
  The Word "Resurrection"
  The Dying and Rising Debate
  Osiris as the Life Force in the Material World
  Bodily Necessity
  The Canaanite Connection
  Jewish or Greek?
  The Glorified Body
  Horus as the Resurrection
  The Egyptian Heaven and Hell

  "The House of a Thousand Years"
  The Phoenix/Benu Bird
  Osiris, Horus and the Benu
  Jesus and the Phoenix
  The Astrotheological Millennium

The Alexandrian Roots of Christianity
  The Therapeuts
  The Proto-Christians?
  Lake Mareotis
  The Hybridizing Emperor?
  The Library of Alexandria
  Philo of Alexandria
  The Hermetic Writings
  The Poimandres
  The Gnostics
  The Pistis Sophia
  Egypto-Christian Texts
  Marcion and the Gospel of the Lord
  The Gospel of John
  The Memphite Theology
  Who Wrote John?

  A "Unique Divine Revelation?"
  Gods Truly Walked the Earth?
  The "Horus Christian Class" Dismissed?
  Dangerous Endeavors and Occupational Hazards
  Nolo Comprehendere
  Blotting Out the Sun
  Mysterious Omissions
  Mutable Mythology
  Well Known in Egypt?
  Which Came First?



About the Author

D.M. Murdock, also known as "Acharya S," is the author of the bestselling books The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold; Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled; and Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ. Ms Murdock's books focus largely on the history and origin of religion, dating back thousands of years and encompassing religious ideologies and beliefs of a wide variety that nevertheless reveal common cultural heritage and a keen interest in and reverence for the natural world.

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6 x 9 | 582 pages | ISBN-13: 9780979963117| $26.95