What is the truth about ancient gods and heroes being crucified? Find out by reading:

A Pre-Christian 'God' on a Cross?

 A Pre-Christian God on a Cross?

The Orpheos Bakkikos Gem Reexamined

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A Pre-Christian 'God' on a Cross?

  • Contains over 40 images illustrating the main themes
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  • Provides 119 footnotes and annotated citations
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  • Contains an extensive table of contents with many subsections, for ease of reference
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You may know that the artifact examined in this ebook has been assailed as a "forgery," but is that assessment truly scientific? Or is it a rush to judgment and hasty conclusion based on bias and oversight?

Who is really depicted in the image below? Is the engraving a forgery? A Christian artifact? Or does it represent a pre-Christian figure hanging on a cross?

The Orpheos Bakkikos gemstone (Line drawing by A. Becker)

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Here's an excerpt:

Although the tiny Orpheos ornament disappeared during World War II from the Berlin Bode Museum,  there exist drawings and photographs of both it and a cast of it made in modern times. In 2001, a line drawing of the artifact was pictured on the cover of Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s The Jesus Mysteries, which created a bit of a sensation, as apologists scrambled to debunk the object because of its similarities to supposed "Christian" iconography. Very soon, cries of "forgery!" were ringing out on the internet and beyond, and the integrity of the Jesus Mysteries authors was impugned with fury, for exposing the amulet to the light of day. But were such charges of forgery appropriate and based on a thorough scientific investigation?

Table of Contents

Christian Connection?
A Late Forgery?
  Zahn and Reil
  'Orpheos Bakkikos' Inscription
    Variant Spellings
  Hematite and Carnelian Gems
Orphism and Christian Mysticism
  The Iobakchoi
  Roman 'Good Friday' Liturgy
Julius, Bacchus and Orpheus
  The 'New Dionysus'
Eleusinian Mysteries
  Resurrection and Ascension
Justin Martyr
  Sons of Jupiter
  No 'Being Crucified?'
  Staked and Affixed to a Cross
Sign of the Cross
  Plato's World Soul and Just Man
  Ixion in Cruciform
  Prometheus Crucified
  Andromeda Chained
Julius's Funeral
The Tropaeum
The Pozzuoli and Other Crucifixes
Trophy Coin
Triad Imagery
  Primitive Dionysus?
From Cruciform to Dramatic Death
Human Sacrifice
  The Cult of Julius
  Ides of March
  Liberalia Celebration
  Phallic Symbols and Priapus
  Meaning of Bakkikos
  Dionysian Suffering?
  Marsyas at the Stake
  The Kings of Ai
The Moon and Stars
  Lunar Resurrection Symbol
  Resurrection Coin
  Aureus of Divus Caesar
Crucified and Resurrected Divine Savior

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