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The Real ZEITGEIST Challenge

by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

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The following article is a response to the purported "debunking" of the first part of the original "ZEITGEIST" film. Because of its length, it is divided into several pages. I have also provided a free ebook containing the entire article, linked at the bottom of each page as well. Please also listen to my appearance on Peter Joseph's "Zeitgeist Undebunked" radio show.

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"And when we say also that the Word, who is the first-birth of God, was produced without sexual union, and that He, Jesus Christ, our Teacher, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding those whom you esteem sons of Jupiter."

Early Church Father and Saint Justin Martyr (c. 150 AD/CE)

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Spiritual Terrorism & the Lunatic Fringe

In my books I expose a pattern of censorship within the fields of religion and mythology created through intimidation and terrorism that culminated in the Inquisition but by no means ended there, as it is continued by fanatics of a variety of religions, including and especially Christianity and Islam. Where facts and logic fail, out come the personal attacks, ad homs, calumny, vitriol, libel, slander and threats. And we wonder why this material is not more widely known? As my research shows, time and again scholars have stepped forth with this information, only to be slapped down by religious authorities and the general public. Where the persuasion of "authorities" fails, these scholars have been thrown to the mobs—and that is precisely what we see flourishing all over the internet. The mainstream ignores this fracas, while the frenzied mob gleefully drags the bodies around.

For those with an open mind and a more serious interest in the reality behind the scenes, however, such mob rule will not suffice. These truth-seekers will look to the real research behind the so patently logical and rational claims that our "revealed" religions represent little more than the dressed-up rehashes of ancient ideologies dating back millennia. Scholars and other writers have not only lost their occupations for revealing such truths but they have also been killed. Again, is it any wonder why this info is not more widely known? Those of us who have brought to light this information have been subjected to the most uncivil and depraved treatment at the hands of rabid and utterly unqualified individuals who have slandered and libeled us with all manner of calumny and false witness deriving from religious delusion, delirium and dementia. This calumny includes allegations of the most bizarre and fanciful nature imaginable, devoid of facts but reflecting an unglued worldview that is best described as "lunatic fringe." This lunacy would include ridiculous and malicious rumors, lies and vitriol invoking the "Illuminati," "Theosophy," "Masons" and assorted other nonsensical notions.

In this regard, one ZG "challenger" remarks: "I hope you will find that this 'Christ-myther' scenario is the exact dogma of the ancient mystery schools and many secret societies." Now we get to the heart of this matter, which is to convince you of the validity of Christianity and that the powers that be are trying to destroy it. Despite the proselytizing effort, the facts, however, reveal otherwise: To wit, such powerful secret societies who could pull off all the other shenanigans attributed to them, including creating a massive amount of human culture such as various religions and cults, would certainly be able to destroy Christianity in an instant, if they wanted to do so.

The actuality is that these selfsame agencies—remember, these are the powers that be, according to this mentality, the "Illuminati" and so on, who control the media—do whatever they can to shore up the flagging faith, by producing endless "documentaries" concerning the "real" Jesus that never discuss possible mythical origins of Christianity based on Pagan precedents. In fact, the mainstream media—which undoubtedly would be under the control of these all-powerful secret societies and brotherhoods—bend over backwards to ignore this Christ-myth research, burying it wherever it can be found, censoring those who bring it up, and, in earlier times, driving them into poverty or worse.

Who was behind the Inquisition, if not the powers that be?  Where was the all-powerful god Jesus when millions were being abused, raped, tortured and murdered in his name?  Where is he now, if the Illuminati are really in charge?  Why is Jesus relying on the likes of those we see all over the internet spreading disinformation regarding human history? Why do the mainstream media favor received Christian tradition and history, if there is some grandiose conspiracy to bring to light the information found in ZG1.1 and elsewhere?

In the end, "ZEITGEIST" is a grassroots movement created by "some guy with a computer," not the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Illuminati and New World Order. In this same sense, I myself am "just some gal with a computer," and I know many of the other people in the field of Jesus mythicism, most of whom are just barely making ends meet.  The idea of an overarching conspiracy of omnipotent scalawags behind Jesus mythicism is completely absurd.

Confronted with these facts, debunkers retreat into supernatural claims that the purported puppetmasters are working through diabolic agencies including channeling the sentiments of long dead people with whom this material does not originate in the first place. In other words, when faced with science, we hear the same old "Devil got there first" platitudes. That's right—when all else fails, it's obviously the all-powerful Satan getting the better of God once again and yanking our chains.

The same "challenger" contends that these "ancient mystery schools" and "many secret societies" are "the groups more or less behind the problems in parts 2 and 3 of Zeitgeist" and then remarks:

They seem to encourage the belief system Zeitgeist is pushing, even though it is primarily based on initiated writers like Plutarch Gerald Massey, and Manley P. Hall. NOT on the actual writings or records of historical Egypt or any other.

This entire paragraph reveals a number of problems with this detractor's viewpoint, including the utter fallaciousness of ZG.1. being "primarily based on initiated writers…" Firstly, merely a small portion of the mythicist position has anything to do with Plutarch or Gerald Massey, and that much concerns Egypt only. Secondly, the Egyptian evidence of Jesus mythicism relies not on either of these sources but on the numerous artifacts from Egypt itself and the voluminous commentaries thereupon by highly qualified authorities. Moreover, I personally have never read any book by Manley Hall and therefore make no reference to him in any of my works.

In addition, if Plutarch was "initiated," then he was in a better position to know what exactly was this "Christ-myther scenario" that is supposedly the "exact dogma of the ancient mystery schools and many secret societies." Is the debunker claiming here that the belief that Christ is a myth is really an ancient doctrine, since he asserts it was "the exact dogma of the ancient mystery schools?" According to the same debunkers, the idea of Christ as a myth is simply a "new fad" fabricated in the 19th century!

Moreover, this individual is not qualified to state what is or is not in the "actual writings or records of historical Egypt or any other." Does he read hieroglyphs, and has he personally done a survey of thousands of papyri and inscriptions? In Christ in Egypt, I have quoted numerous well-respected authorities on Egypt and sifted through several translations of thousands of pages of Egyptian writings, as well as translated some myself, to demonstrate that these parallels are real and are indeed in the "writings and records of the historical Egypt." This individual's remarks simply show that he is neither qualified nor capable of doing such intense research, not that the material isn't there.

In reality, this statement would more accurately read that the Christ myth scenario is the exact dogma of the ancient mystery schools and many secret societies. In other words, the various motifs of the gospel story are essentially what was being taught in the mystery schools for hundreds to thousands of years before Christ purportedly lived.

As concerns the besmirchment of Plutarch, why should we not trust his assessment, particularly when the ancient Egyptian writings and other artifacts do in reality back up his contentions? Do we have any refutation of his commentary from antiquity, anyone calling him a liar and denying his accounts? No, but we do have Egyptologists remarking upon his accuracy, such as: "When we examine this story by the light of the results of hieroglyphic decipherment, we find that a large portion of it is substantiated by Egyptian texts…" (See Christ in Egypt, 91)

Plutarch's writings appeared in a pre-Christian context, despite him having written during the first and early second centuries. There is absolutely no evidence that Plutarch was aware of Christ, Christians or Christianity and was influenced by them, nor has anyone reputable made such a contention. He was obviously free to make these statements without the censorial Inquisition and its harpies on his back calling him a liar, as there was no reason to do so. Not only is it likely he was telling the truth but also that no one had an interest in refuting him because there was at that time no Christian tradition to defend.

What does Plutarch say? He relates that Osiris is the sun and Isis the moon, and that Isis was impregnated by the sun and gave birth to Horus on the winter solstice (which has come down to us as December 25th). Plutarch also relates the myth about Osiris's annually celebrated death and resurrection. We have no reason to doubt any of these claims—in fact, in Christ in Egypt, I have demonstrated through numerous pre-Christian primary sources that Plutarch is correct. Thus, Plutarch remains a very valuable resource who shows that no one in the modern era is making up any of these contentions. When faced with Plutarch, in fact, rather than honestly admitting they knew nothing of the existence of these remarks in his writings—if they had even heard of him in the first place—debunkers smugly raised the bar and pretend that he has no relevance.

Not content with revealing such flawed thinking, this same "challenger" also libels me personally by saying that my books are "notoriously absent of many references to her claims," an utter falsehood that is again reflective of this individual's total ignorance of the subject matter in general and my work in particular.  Every major and many minor contentions in my work are carefully cited, with abundant ancient and modern sources, including biblical verses in their original languages, as well as citations from other languages. The lack of honest admissions on the part of apologists is what is notorious, not the absence of references by so-called "Christ-mythers."

In the same paragraph, after falsely characterizing my work, the "challenger" includes my email address and incites his readers to harass me with requests for information that is already demonstrated repeatedly and copiously in my writings over the past two decades.

Where does it all come from?

When one reads various remarks from would-be debunkers, whether theists or atheists, one can see that they have not studied this subject in depth by their repeated admissions that they do not know where the information has come from. When one hears someone say, "I have no idea where they got that from" or "I can find no historical record of these claims myself," they are in effect revealing their own ignorance of the subject and their own personal inability to do adequate research, and should therefore not be presenting themselves as experts.

This fact is handily demonstrated by the massive amount of research concerning the Horus-Jesus parallels that I have put together in my book Christ in Egypt. Again, in that book, I have shown through numerous ancient, pre-Christian primary sources that the contentions in ZG1.1 concerning Horus and/or his father Osiris or other Egyptian divine figure are true and factual.  There is, of course, no acknowledgement of these facts from the ZG debunking crowd, just more of the same dismissive calumny, libel and vitriol designed to cover up the criminal destruction that has allowed for these facts to be buried. As I describe in my book, however, in Egypt there was simply too much evidence of the ancient astrotheological religion at the basis of the Christ myth to destroy or cover up.  Christians did in fact rampage all over that country, defacing and destroying monuments, texts and other artifacts wherever they could. Nevertheless, again, the evidence was too overwhelming—literally, in this case, as there were so many massive buildings, some of which were buried and forgotten. Where the Christians could not destroy the monuments, they stuccoed over the hieroglyphs, having the effect of preserving them for future generations, and it is to these and much else that we may turn for our evidence.

This information thus comes from many different sources, including primary sources, as well as the works of ancient historians and moderns scholars.

It needs to be kept in mind throughout this study of comparative religion and mythology dating back into ancient times that much of it takes place in languages other than English. In addition to the writings in their original languages, including Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek and Latin, appears much commentary in more modern times also in languages such as Latin, as well as French and German. This material is not particularly easy to dig up and/or understand, and requires expertise to make it more readily available.


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